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Tug Of War

Tug of War, an RCS entry themed around the buzzword “Green”. Lily and Eli wait to hear news of a loved ones fate after a terrible accident. Both blame each other and things get heated as the accusations fly around the waiting room. Conflict takes over and true colours are revealed

Directed/Written by Maja Engnell

Cinematography by Conor Purvis/Chloe Cummins

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Dare to Differ
— Matthew Goldfinger

RedRoom Ghost

Red Room

Red room is based on the red room curse urban legend. Those who seek the red room find only pain and torment in their journey back home.

Directed/Written by Carrie-Anne Hudghton

Cinematography by Conor Purvis



Winner of best narrative short at Nclan Film Festival, R.I.P is the tale of a young student moving in to her dream flat, all seems well until a ghostly spectre arrives. The spectre attempts to haunt and bond with the student. A light Hearted coming of age comedy film

Directed/Written by Maja Engnell

Cinematography by Conor Purvis


Wolves In Scotland

Wolves in Scotland, Two brothers dispose of some unwanted “baggage” and discuss the highlights of country living

Directed/Written by James Reid

Cinematography by Conor Purvis/ Darren Livingston